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At Cape Town Sports Massage, we offer a wide variety of professional massage treatments and cater for everyone, from the professional athletes to amateurs, from the very active to those who are not active. We provide treatments at our massage rooms based in Claremont, however, we also offer mobile massage to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home or hotel, we cater for corporate events, sports events as well as providing massage treatments in the work place. We offer affordable massage treatments and we continue to provide our clients with an “outstanding massage experience”, by customizing our treatments, allowing us to provide a tailor-made treatment for you so that you receive the treatment that benefits you as an individual, the most. We focus on meeting your needs, giving you a personal treatment that will provide positive results and reach your expectations. Our experience and knowledge covers a wide variety of massage styles, with which we integrate into our treatment, using the techniques from different massage styles. • Remedial Massage • Swedish Massage • Relaxation Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Trigger Point Release • Holistic Massage • Sports Massage (pre-event, inter even and post event) • Clinical Massage • Myofascial Release Our focus is based solely on what would benefit you the most, without having to cause discomfort and to also use the techniques best suited to deliver the correct results. Whether it is to relieve pain, spasms, stiffness or any muscular problems, to speed up rehab from an injury and prevent the risk of further injury or just to keep your body balanced and reducing the chances of receiving the added aches and pains caused by stress or any other discomfort that comes along every day for those who are constantly on the move, living a fast paced and in many times unhealthy lifestyle. Regular massage in your life is the stepping stone to a change in lifestyle. You will experience more energy, less stress, gain a better posture and psychologically, the benefits that come from receiving regular massage cannot be underestimated. We continually see the changes in our clients who have implemented their treatment into their weekly schedule and we help maintain this by paying attention to what you feel and always keep in mind that nobody knows your body better than you do, and with that in mind, we produce treatments that continue to satisfy each of you, according to the results you wish to experience.


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Cape Town Sports Massage
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